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"Lise Vachon vocalizes freely over constantly shifting backgrounds from a band stacked with idiosyncratic sounds. The results are quite fetching." Time Out, New York.

After music school, Lise signed with Capitol and Polygram and recorded as a duet: Luc and Lise Cousineau "Les Alexandrins". They had several number one songs on the chart, toured throughout Canada, Brazil and French countries.

Developing a strong interest in world music, Lise traveled to Senegal and Mali and brought back a few traditional songs. Her "Yama Nekh" became a #1 song for the highly successful Ville Emard Blues Band for which she sang lead. The Quebec Cultural Affairs gave her a grant to develop and organize her project of musical exchange between West African and Canadian musicians, performers and composers. During this time Lise formed chamber jazz group Toubabou, the group closed the Superfrancofête in Quebec City before 55,000 people. She went on with the writing and recording of "Moi, Lise Cousineau".

In New Orleans she spent time studying and singing contemporary music by Dinos Constantinides, Sanford Hinderlie, John Bauer, Stephen Dankner. In New York, Lise performed at La Mama, at the Knitting Factory, Roulette, Bowery Poetry Club and the Cornelia Street Café. In Philadelphia she sang at the Sedgwick Theater and at the Fringe Festival.

Recent accomplishments include a performance televised throughout the country headlining the Quebec City Festival with the Ville Emard Blues Band "... a Lise Cousineau with a spectacular voice" (Le Soleil). She recently recorded Vocalise produced by Vito Ricci in New York City with Rashied Ali on percussion, Peter Zummo on trombone, Byard Lancaster on reeds, Blue Gene Tyranny on piano and Vito Ricci on guitar and some compositions. "Every track on this disk celebrates an array of distinct ethno- sounds" (Jazz

The Cicada Journal, The Yuko's Song Cycle, The Postcards, her own concert "Lise Vachon in adventure" took place at Roulette. Forge With Neo Labos, a dance company at the Dance Theater Workshop  ", breathy, beautiful singing provided the rich ambiance" (Lgny Arts)

Her most recent recordings: Dox-E-Koo for solo voice and delay on Vito Ricci's Music from Memory double vinyl "I was Crossing the Bridge" 2014, Pitchfork says: " Dox E Koo stakes out a position somewhere between Meredith Monk and the haunting tones of Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares."

Of her singing on Vito Ricci's Symphony for Amiga launched in 2017. "Vocalist, Lise Vachon, lends her Meredith Monk-like breaths, chants and chirps, giving these dreamlike sketches an added strange dimension."


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